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WageCounty.com is an Essential Talent Acquisition On-boarding Tool for HR Professionals, Talent Acquisition Stars, Immigration Attorneys and Specialists.

For Non-immigrant Visa petitions such as H1B and H2B, Prevailing Wage Determinations require search of county wages for positions as determined by Department of Labor while generating Labor Condition Application (LCA) and Prevailing Wage Determination.

The OES Wage Search website from DOL offers free search of salary for positions but does not give an automated County search, which leads to frequent misfiling and errors.

We present one stop solution to this, eliminating searched on 3 different websites to generate a LCA.

  1. Free Version offers free consolidated search. Talents do not wait! Make an offer, right then and there.
  2. Paid Version will integrate Department of Labor's Labor Condition Application filing from our one stop solution site, making it easy to manage your LCAs, save them accordingly and retrieve as and when needed without logging in to the DOL account at a nominal cost.
  3. Pro Version of this HR Essential Tool would allow companies of all sizes to instantly generate LCA Posting Notices, Send LCAs to employees for acknowledgement and generate an instant Public Access File for the corresponding LCA, thereby keeping the employers on the highest level of compliance. Also make instant Talent Acquisition offers on the go 24x7.

Our through understanding of the compliance comes from 30 years of combined experience in the related field.

Talents do not wait for your decision in a volatile Talent Acquisition and Global Mobility market.

Equip yourself with instant decisions and acquire the talent right away.

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